Saturday, June 30, 2012

#Rally4JA Photos - State Library, Melbourne, July 1

Rally for Julian Assange at the Melbourne State Library on July 1. Thank you to all who braved the rain to stand up for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and Bradley Manning! Click on the photos for larger images and to go through the photos in a slideshow. Username in captions link to original tweet.

The crowd at in Melbourne so far! And still more people turning up. - @Jamusazza

Pelting rain now at . Ppl standing strong for Wikileaks and Julian . - @Asher_Wolf
Crowd full of truth seekers shelter beneath a roof of umbrellas at - @JaseCee
Your secret Grand Jury ain't secret! - @Asher_Wolf
Thanks to for braving the rain to stand up for Julian . - @Asher_Wolf
Storm trooper with hypothermia at - @Asher_Wolf
Robert Foster, a real newscaster, braving the rain to report of Julian . - @Asher_Wolf
Jazz distributing hot soup to the 200+ heroes out in support of - @MelbFACT

First Aid team at - @Asher_Wolf 
Big crowd at in ! Bring home! Defend ! - @nrcars
. prepping for performance at the Melbourne Rally for Julian . - @Asher_Wolf
Aboriginal activist Robbie Thorpe is now speaking in support of Julian at - @Jamusazza
Great turnout today ‪#Rally4JA‬ couple of hundred here!! - @rboiATS

hurts, don't shoot the messenger!! - @rboiATS
Undercover police officer approached my friend at , gave him her card. He points her out. - @Asher_Wolf

One of Victoria Police's 'Security & Organised Crime Unit' surveillance targets at - @Asher_Wolf
Another target for Victoria Police's 'Security & Organised Crime Unit' undercover taskforce: - @Asher_Wolf
In the excitement, a van has lodged it's up on the footpath outside State Library. Police *not* happy. - @Asher_Wolf

Julian spent a lot of time in this library! - @JaseCee
Robert Foster about to perform at Melbourne - @Jamusazza
Robert Foster of about to speak at : "We are from the *INTERNET!!! Are you ready to hear it?!!!" - @Asher_Wolf
Errrm, "Assange" makes an appearance. Is his mike working. Fuck no. - @Asher_Wolf
"Rupert Murdoch" appears. Crowd boos loudly. - @Asher_Wolf 
This geezer is from the Internet! At - @JaseCee
Awesome at in ! - @nrcars
I love you guys. - @Asher_Wolf
stoked. made it to in time for - @peacenicsta
Robert Foster of whipping the crowd up into a frenzy at - @Asher_Wolf
Final speakers before a newly energised crowd as the rain eases off... - @nrcars
. is up on the mic: US is holding people in secret prisons trashing their human rights - @rboiATS
Free Julian Assange. Free Bradley Manning. Defend Free Speech. - @Asher_Wolf
Two guys drumming out the speeches at . - @Asher_Wolf
. rep. speaking at - @Asher_Wolf
"Any extradition of Julian Assange is a Gillard government act of war against the Australian people." - @Asher_Wolf
lizzie oshea... rad lawyer lady graceful in the face of loud music - @peacenicsta
of is now speaking at - @Jamusazza

The crowd at the . - @Asher_Wolf